Lindenberg Technics AG

The Swiss manufacturer of hydraulic presses and special machines

Lindenberg Technics AG is the successor company of Lindenberg Maschinenbau, the successful company managed since 1960 by the owners. The successor company was founded in 2008, then under the name SOMAZ AG (Zimmermann Special Machine Building). Initially, Lindenberg Maschinenbau was involved predominantly in machine manufacturing. With the passage of time, it specialised in the area of hydraulic presses and special machine building/prototype creation. The strong points were and continue to be the development and implementation of customer-specific hydraulic presses and machine building solutions.

We develop and produce with established engineering knowledge, comprehensive know-how and noticeable passion for individual wishes, without compromising on quality. We have a simple credo since 1960:

We do not want to be counted among the biggest, instead we want to be the best!

Customised presses for individual wishes

Special hydraulic presses since 1960

Our great passion is to manufacture hydraulic presses with a pressing power of up to 1,000 tons, which are tailor-made to the wishes and requirements of our customers. In this connection, we love to cooperate from the very beginning, we put ourselves in your situation, analyse your tasks and work out the optimum, individual, custom-made solution.Nevertheless, despite our 55-year experience and our extensive know-how, challenges come up frequently which we never faced before – we look forward to such challenges in particular.

Even standardised presses can be customer-specific for us

Short delivery times for your personal hydraulic press

Needless to mention, the customers of our standardised hydraulic presses also profit from our experience and our unique know-how in manufacturing          special presses. Those who decide to purchase a standard press of the LINDENBERG brand get a lot more than just a standard solution. Instead:

We guarantee you – absolutely in the sense of an investment protection – the optimum solution even for standard presses.

Genuine Swissness

Swiss quality products and services

Our products are manufactured at our own factory in Altendorf SZ. individual components are manufactured in our long-term partner companies in the region.  We procure hydraulic and electronics components from reputed manufacturers, but also as per customer specifications. 2010, we attained the Swiss label Zertifikat.

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Learn more about the innovative press manufacturer from Switzerland

Please get in touch with us. We would be glad to work out your customized machine concept and create the corresponding quotation irrespective of whether it is a standardised workshop press, a customer-specific hydraulic press or a special machine. Leverage our sound engineering knowledge.

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