Company history

Experience as press manufacturer since 1960


During the course of the second order of succession, Lindenberg Technics AG has now been acquired by new owners. The existing Managers André Kälin and Fabian Kolb are the new owners of the company Lindenberg Technics AG and have become members of the board of directors.


Development and market introduction of the power-saving ESH system (Energy Saving Hydraulic).


Renamed as Lindenberg Technics AG.  After being renamed, the company wants to return to the origin and besides its marked competency in developing hydraulic presses, it also intends to enter the areas of packaging systems, engineering and automation. 


Reconstitution of the management.  Due to the failing health of the successor, Mr. Lindenberg became the owner of the company again after four years. André Kälin, System Technology Engineer, and Fabian Kolb, System Technology Engineer are active as providers of executive support to the management. 


SWISS LABEL Certificate on the 50th year jubilee of the company.


The order of succession of Lindenberg Maschinenbau. The single company becomes SOMAZ AG due to the order or succession. Lindenberg presses are continued to be manufactured and sold with the same standard. More than anything else, customer-specific designs and prototypes are conceived and manufactured. 


Relocation to Altendorf.  The company specialises in the production of hydraulic presses and is now active mainly in this field. Lindenberg Maschinenbau is one of the undisputed leaders in this area.


Relocation to Bäch. Besides manufacturing standard presses, Lindenberg Maschinenbau continues to produce customer-specific machines and presses. The demand for hydraulic Lindenberg presses is increasing by the day, both for standard presses as well as customer-specific designs.    


Lindenberg presses becomes a well-known brand name through participation in the Stuttgart, Zurich and Basel fairs.


Relocation of the company to Wädenswil/Zurich.  After a short period, the space in Au/Zürich became so small that a part of the production had to be carried out provisionally in a tent. Production of hydraulic presses reached the serial production maturity level. The same year the company participated in the MUBA exhibition for the first time.


Foundation of the company Lindenberg Maschinenbau with head office in Au/Zurich by Mr. Lindenberg.  The company specialised in the manufacture of V-belt wheels for variators (up to 1995). The first hydraulic press was built exclusively for internal use to fulfil a large order of such V-belt wheels.​