Sintering Press SIP

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Special Features

The presses of the type SIP are special presses for the production of sintered bodies. The compaction pressure range is between 10 and 800 tons, and is set to customer specifications. 

  • Customized, robust steel construction
  • Customised dimension and velocity
  • Adjustable stops for the shell-cylinder
  • High positioning
  • Core rod and shell-plate individually controllable
  • Simple and safe operation, with many options
  • Control system with many options
  • Process stability / parameter management
  • Möglicher Pressdruck von 10 bis 800 Tonnen
  • Low maintenance and long life
This type of press can be produced according to your needs with custom dimensions and options!








150 t

250 t

350 t

450 t

Fill height

300 mm

300 mm

500 mm

500 mm


4 pieces / min. (depending on the workpiece)

Maximum values with 5 tons per cm2

pressing surface

30 cm2

50 cm2

70 cm2

90 cm2

powder volume

600 cm3

1000 cm3

700 cm3

900 cm3

powder weight

2.7 kg

4.5 kg

3.2 kg

4.0 kg

Maximum values with 8 tons per cm2

pressing surface

18 cm2

30 cm2

43 cm2

56 cm2

powder volume

360 cm3

600 cm3

430 cm3

560 cm3

powder weight

1.6 kg

2.7 kg

1.9 kg

2.5 kg


The presses SIP-150 and SIP-250 are equipped with a core pin. They are suitable for the manufacture of hollow bodies such as cartridge, cans, etc. suitable.

The presses SIP-350 and SIP-450 are not equipped with a core pin. They are suitable for full-body such as discs, cubes, etc. suitable. Option: Can be fitted with core pin.


Sintering presses are used to produce:

Sintered metal, sintered tungsten carbide, ceramic, carbon magnetic materials, battery materials, abrasives, diamond powder, nuclear fuels, specialty materials, machine parts, etc. 

Examples of sintered parts